To take control of your website content is liberating. A content management system will allow you to change, react and add content to suit your needs, without the need of a web designer or programmer.
EDita CMS platform

CMS Website Creation

With over 12 years experience The Web Designer's knowledge & expertise in designing engaging websites within our Content Management System can help you build a successful user friendly online business. We understand why a customer becomes engaged and then takes action.

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Custom Design = Flexibility

Although there are similarities between many websites we have found that no two are the same. Because of this all our websites are custom designed with their own unique look and feel and in many cases functionality. Being modular we can add our shopping cart and email marketing module at any time or develop new modules depending on your requirements. To view some of our recent work- our portfolio

Custom CMS Design


Copy Writing

The Web Designer offers a no-fuss copy writing service. Quality copy makes a difference to your customers - they sense professionalism and credibility, and they feel compelled to act. Quality web copy is the difference between engaging with your potential customers or not. Well written copy around important keyword phrases is also crucial for search engine optimisation.

Copy Writing Services
Fresh & up to date

Fresh & up to Date

Regular updates to your own website keep it changing, fresh and up-to-date for your clients. Updating your content regularly will also help increase your organic Google ranking. Search engines love updates and changes to websites, so the more often it changes the better. There is a saying in our industry "Content is King". Keep this in mind and your website will be successful.


Content Management System

The edita™ Content Management System is simple and easy to use whether you're an IT novice or an advanced web designer. Our customisable page wizard and text editor will allow you to change content, add images and create links within minutes saving both time and money. Take control of your Google ranking by tweaking your important keywords and boost your organic listing.

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